Greenwood District: Station 91

Station 91 Information

Old Towne serves as Fire Department Headquarters and protects downtown Greenwood east to I-65. This firehouse is hometo Engine 91, Ladder 91, Rescue 91, Battalion 9 and various Deputy Chief and Administration vehicles.

“Old Towne” Located 15 miles south of Indianapolis in northern Johnson County, Greenwood is a combination department consisting of thirty full-time employees and eighty paid on-call volunteers. GFD’s four stations provide, Fire, Rescue and Hazmat protection to 25 square miles and a permanent resident population of approximately 43,500. Each day Greenwood’s population expands by an additional 30-50,000 due to visitors of their large retail district.

Station 91 is home to Engine 91 – a 2010 Pierce Quantum Pumper – 1250gpm/500gal unit. The unique design of this apparatus was intended to accomodate the changing needs of the department. With its smaller and shorter bay in this firehouse, the truck was designed with a shorter wheel-base, but maximum compartment space. This apparatus has an incredibly small turning radius, making operation of the truck in crowded parking areas very simple. The most unique feature of E-91 is it’s raised, all-electronic pump panel. With it’s 1250gpm pump only requiring a single 5″ supply line (on the officer’s side), a storage compartment now sits beneath the panel and provides extra room for the engineer’s equipment and bunker gear.

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Station 91

155 E. Main St.
Greenwood, IN 46143

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