White River District: Station 51

Station 51 Information

Located 20 miles Southwest of Indianapolis in Greenwood, White River Township is a full-time department with more than 100 members. First started in 1952 as the Smith Valley VFD, it became the White River Township Fire Protection District in 1986. WRTFD now protects more than 30,000 Johnson County residents from it’s 3 stations.

In late 2007, White River opened a new Station 51 with much more room for the crews and apparatus. With the new station’s arrival, some WRTFD apparatus were reassigned. 51’s is now home to Engine 51, Ladder 51 and Battalion 5.

The station’s fleet includes Engine 51 – This truck is equipped with basic extrication tools, an EMS compartment, a light tower and all LED lighting package. The “52-07” on the drivers side of the bumper says “Smith Valley” in smaller letters above it. That’s in reference to the forming of the dept in Smith Valley, and the new station 51 being built in 07. Ladder 51 carries a full set of Hurst extrication tools in a compartment, plus a set in the bumper. It also carries air bags, an 8kw generator, and 127ft of ground ladders. L51 is the primary extrication unit for the department with one side set up for rescue work and the other for fire. The Battalion Chief functions as the shift supervisor for the day and responds as the incident commander on multi-apparatus calls. This apparatus was purchased as a stock pick up off the lot and was then painted locally and outfitted by the department shops.

Our Location

Station 51

3016 W. Olive Branch Rd.
Greenwood, IN 46143
Phone: (317) 888-8337
Web: www.WRTFD.org/

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