Greenwood’s newest fire station opens and is up and running.  After two years of design and construction, Station 93 is up and operational.  It is located on the north side of Cutsinger Road near Freedom Park and Freedom Springs.  The new station, a $5,000,000 project, sits approximately a mile from the old Station 93 which was located at 255 W. Stop 18 Road.  This new station boasts a 12,700 square foot layout plus includes two drive-thru bays which the opportunity to build a third for future growth, a new upgraded kitchen and living quarters for up to 10 personnel.  This is a major upgrade from the old station which was only about 8000 square feet which included only one bunkroom that everyone shared, one drive-thru bay and a small kitchen in the basement.  This station also includes something that most stations do not have and that is a hose tower inside the bay.  Check out all the cool pictures of the new facility.