From:  Annie Hassee

Hi pretty,
I went out with some amazing people tonight, i know you’re SO proud of me. (Btw I’ve only had coors light and my first 312 today). Tiller stayed up and waited on me to get home.Safe to say he’s already cuddling and it’s been about 6 seconds since I walked in the bedroom. All I want to hear you say is “moms home, go get her”. I miss you yelling at him to get up cuz he was so dang hot and always pushed you to the end of the bed. We all love you forever and ever. Thank you for being perfect and thank you for the amazing support system. I laughed more tonight then I have all week. And we know the story of last time I was at the stacked pickle and I came to your apartment you were not exactly happy at me. See you soon. Love you most!
Austin Speece

Look what I remembered!!!
Austin Speece – thank you for letting me be Tillers mom. He has gotten us both through tough times. He will always be OUR boy. I’m so happy i remembered this video you made. They always knew who mom and dad were.

From:  Greenwood Mayor, Mark Myers

The City of Greenwood is greatly saddened by the passing of career firefighter Austin Speece on Saturday morning. Please keep Austin’s family, friends, and fellow firefighters in your thoughts and prayers during these coming days.

From:  Steve Dillman, Retired IFD Lieutenant & GFD Firefighter

“As I sit this morning I am at a loss for words. I am not much on posting my feelings, but it is laid on my heart to say what a wonderful young man Austin Speece was. I am grateful for the times he came to me for advice. I appreciate his love for the job. I knew he would make a good firefighter. He had the heart and the desire to be one of the best. I have seen so much in my career, but the loss of a young life is the hardest. It is my honor to be able to mentor the young firefighters. They give me more than I could ever give them. I will miss you and grieve for what could have been. Rest well, son.”

From:  Lt. Matt Davidson

Keep Greenwood Fire in your thoughts if you will. We lost a young talent and wonderful personality in Austin early this morning. I have lost Firefighters before but this was “my guy”. I was to mold him, raise him like my son in the fire service. I am gutted.   It’s closer to losing a son than losing a friend.  Prayers for his family.  We got it from here.

From:  Fire Marshal Tracy Rumble

Let me tell all my FB friends and family that are not public safety about the “brotherhood”. Due to our recent loss, my phone has blown up with text messages, fb messages and phone calls from other fire depts with offerings of ANYTHING GFD needs, all we have to do is ask. In public safety, you have a new family and I say public safety cause we are side by side with our ambulance personnel all the time and our police officers, we have runs with them all the time too. They come in our firehouses and work on reports. We may make fun of them and give them a hard time but WE are one big happy family and this one death will affect almost 200 public safety people for the City of Greenwood, not just GFD and that is just our immediate family. Now count the other 10 fire depts in johnson county. I know you get the picture so please when you say your prayers you might just add on all of the public safety people! Thank you and God Bless! And I did not mean at all to leave off our dispatchers, as we do not see them but they are the ones taking those phone calls and listening to the frantic people. They may never have seen Austin in person, but if they could hear his voice one more time, they could now put a face with that voice. #AustinSpeece #brotherhood

From:  Bryan Brown, Deputy Fire Marshal, Greenwood Fire Department

Last night was the longest night of my life. Getting a phone call about a close friend that isn’t doing well is a call no one ever wants to hear. From his early days as a cadet, to watching him become a full time firefighter and finally watching him grow in the honor guard. You always cared about my wife and our soon to be child. You always could talk to me when in need of anything. I will miss you Austin Speece. I will never forget your huge heart, your love for others and your love for the fire service.

From:  Jay Arnold, Greenwood Police Officer

To my Greenwood Fire Department brothers, sisters, and Annie Hassee. I am sorry for your loss. Austin Speece will be missed. RIP BROTHER!

From:  Billy Jack Mefford

Although I am working this weekend out of town, after hearing this morning the loss of someone very dear to me… it has been difficult not to reminese of all of the incredible memories I shared with Austin.  We actually never worked a scene together, but I watched him grow from amazing soccer player, even helping me coach the little kids on my team once, to the amazing job he did as a cadet with Greenwood Fire Department and eventually living his dream with a department he loved.  Austin loved the people he worked with, and we sat and told stories of his exciting times on the job and the amazing personalities he worked with.  He was always there for me in a bind, and it was a mutual expression of love from me to him… he could always count on me when he really needed me.  It wasn’t a perfect life he lived… but that is what made him so amazing… nothing kept him down. He always fought through anything to achieve his goals.  I am doing everything I can to keep my mind off of the reality of this nightmare… but one thing I will say is my life is better for knowing this fine young man for the many years I did.  God bless you my brother, my love for you will never fade, and you will always be a part of my life.

Godspeed… and rest easy.  Prayers for healing to his family, brothers and sisters in the industry, as well as all of his friends.

From:  Alexis Lucas

Keep getting that sinking feeling in my chest every time I think of Austin Speece. What a good person he was. You couldn’t help but smile when he was around.

From:  Indianapolis Firefighters Emerald Society

As a society we would like to offer our condolences on the passing of Greenwood Fireman Austin Speece. Many of our members knew or worked with Austin in some capacity, whether it was currently, part time, previous departments, or from running in on calls down on the Southside. Members have consistently said that he was a hard worker, true brother and will be sorely missed. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anam.  This is not a Line of Duty Death but he will receive an Active Duty Fireman funeral with honors, as he was A dedicated servant to his community and fire department.  A public visitation will be held on Wednesday, May 24 from 4:00-8:00 pm at Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service & Crematory, Greenwood Chapel, 481 W. Main Street. Funeral services for Austin will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 11:00 am. at Greenwood Christian Church, 2045 Averitt Road, Greenwood. Reverend Robert Anderson, Chaplain for the Greenwood Fire Department, will officiate the ceremony. Interment will immediately follow at Greenwood Cemetery. GFD Honor Guard will render full honors at the graveside.

From:  Members of the Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department

It is with our deepest sympathy to have to say this to our neighboring department.  We are sorry for the loss of not just a firefighter, because Austin Speece was anything but just a firefighter, Austin was a friend, brother, leader, inspiration and a very long list of other traits we cannot being to describe.  He will not only be missed by his entire family, emergency service family, friends, but also anyone who had not had the chance to meet and know someone with so much love and caring spirit for the community and every individual in life.  Austin, it is with great sadness we must wish you Godspeed on this new journey… and to all of our brothers and sisters with Greenwood Fire Department, we are here for you with any need in the coming days.  Prayers for everyone hurting and suffering this extremely difficult loss, and please know Austin will live in all of our hearts today, and everyday to come!!!

From:  Members of Green Township Fire/Rescue

It is with more sadness and heavy heart we inform you of yet another Brother taken from us too early.  Firefighter Austin Speece 25 y/o Firefighter /EMT and Honor Guard member passed away unexpectedly early this morning.  Austin was a member of Green Township for a few years and was instrumental in coordinating the Honor Guards at Rick Martindale and Michael Bische‘s funerals.  Within this last year he was hired as a Career Firefighter in Greenwood and served on there Honor Guard team. Prior to his appointment he was a part time firefighter with GFD.  Please keep Austins family, Greenwood Fire and Green Township Fire Family in your prayers.  Rest easy Brother!  Well see you again on the “Top Floor”

From:  Pastor Chris Philbeck

Hey Mount Pleasant family, just before tonight’s service, one of the off-duty police officers who provides security for our services asked me if we could pray for the family of Austin Speece, a Greenwood Fire Fighter who died this weekend. I don’t have a lot of details, but he was only 25. We love the men and women who serve our community (police, fire fighters, emt’s, etc.). Remember to pray for this young man’s physical family and his Greenwood Fire Department family.

From:  Cheryl Jarrett, Paramedic

I hope my GFD friends don’t think this is out of place since I wasn’t technically member of the fire department but I’ve been thinking about it for the last 24 hours so I’m just going to say it. I spent 16 of my 21+ years in EMS working out of a firehouse, the last 9 of those at GFD 93. I worked with a lot of terrific people over those years but Austin Speece was one of the best. He always treated me as an equal and a friend. He shared my fondness for the Little League World Series and told me multiple times that the two of us needed to do a road trip to Williamsport one August. Although he did concede that it would be a very odd-couple road trip! He even invited me to dinner at a sports bar last year so we could watch the finals on the big screen. I will forever regret that I was out of town that weekend. Austin invited me to play Fantasy Football in his FD league this past season. When I asked if anyone would mind that I was an outsider, he said, “CJ, you are not an outsider.” He told me more than once that I should come back to the streets. He promised to do all my heavy lifting and ‘deal with’ anyone that gave me a hard time. Ask me some time about the time I answered an incomplete 9-1-1 when I was training in dispatch and it turned out to be Austin butt-dialing. I think I’ll screen shot my text convos with him. He was a terrific young man and I am very honored that he considered me a friend. Damn, Austin, I am going to miss you! RIP my friend.

From:  Coach Brady Clements

I hate to say, one of my favorite young men that I ever coached passed away today… Austin Speece. I had heard this earlier in the day and had just been praying it was not real information, that somehow he had not passed away. Devastating loss, I am just without words. This kid was one of the good guys, a heart twice the size of others in soccer, he was caring and giving in every way as a young man. I just cannot believe it.

From:  Taylor Renae

Rest in peace Austin Speece this wasn’t a good way to wake up. You were so young, and smart and your whole life ahead of you. You’ll always be remembered.

From:  The Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department

Please join us in mourning the loss of a brother at the Greenwood Fire Department. 25-year-old fulltime Firefighter Austin Speece passed away today of an unknown cause. It was, however, not related to an on-duty incident. When one member of our “family” passes away, it deeply affects all of us. Please keep the Speece family and the Greenwood FD in your prayers

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

From:  Columbus Fire Department, Indiana

Our sincere condolences to the family of Austin Speece and the Greenwood Indiana Fire Department family. Firefighter Speece passed away on Saturday.Our thoughts are with you all.

From:  Brandon Gartner

I am sadly to say that my buddy Austin Speece passed away this morning. I knew him since kindergarten and last time I saw him was a month ago at Primanti Brothers I didn’t know this was going to be the last time I see him again. Rest in peace Austin Speece. You are in God’s hands now.

From:  Nicole Gioeli-Freeland

Rip Austin Speece he was such a kind hearted guy i seen this post on my news feed and started reading it and literally was in shock never thought id see this on my news feed and its sad seeing it. You helped so many people including me when i was going through hard times…. you were great guy and a true gentleman 🙁 you will be missed